The Alga John Ericsson is a truly Swedish machine with extra safety everywhere. It is very well built and can easily be dismantled. It even has two speeds forwards and reverse. The boiler is insulated with a thick layer of mineral wool. The engine was made in the mid to late '70s. Even the box is of high quality which is why so many original boxes still exist. Baseplate measures 24 x 35cm.

Alga John Ericsson
  • Additional steam and smoke is led into the chimney.
  • Extra safety. Safety valve totally eliminates the risk of explosion.
  • Extra safety, Fire house has a two-grip mechanism. Can only be ejected if security lever is pushed simultaneously.
  • Easy to fill water.
Alga John Ericsson
  • The entire engine can be dismantled and reassembled. On top is the steam whistle with lever.
  • The big base plate with Meccano fittings serves as a building area for accessories.
Alga John Ericsson
  • Two handlebars allow a safe transportation even when the engine is warm.
  • Drive control lever with two speeds in forward and reverse, including neutral.
  • Extra safety. Suction cups keep the machine steadily in place. It prevents it from "walking" due to vibrations.
  • Heavy flywheel for a smooth operation.
  • For extra safety. Double isolated boiler reduces the risk of getting burn.

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